Getting Out (More)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spot! Move your fucking arse, stupid dog. How in God's name can I career down the hill in an attention-seeking-out-of-control-cry-for-help if your stupid canine carcass is in the way?

I haven't forgotten you all, but am taking a much-needed break to concentrate on being a good and organised Mummy and not resorting to prescription (or even whatever I can score in the car park behind Iceland) drugs, fags, domestic violence or booze to pack sports kit, stuff for bot overseas trips, go on work trips, watch concerts and tournaments, deal with visitors and get some bloody work done.

Roll on Easter. Or more precisely, the great big G&B dark chocolate egg I am going to inhale.


  1. Wondered where you'd buggered off to! Let's celebrate your return. Drink?

  2. Glad you are still with us. It's never too early to inhale an Easter egg, you know. I find those mini speckled M&S ones fit perfectly up one nostril.

  3. Your Iceland car park sounds a lot more interesting than mine...

  4. I don't know what an Iceland Park is, but I would certainly like to find out. Vodka?

    You know I've been worried about you. I think the next time you take off and leave us all in withdrawal and in search of Iceland parks, you should tell us in advance so we can prepare ourselves psychologically.

    Do you think you could do that?

    Merci par avance.


  5. Where the HELL have you been?

  6. AWOL. I've been asked to do a post on my favorite femme bloggers. You're in my top three. Actually you're in my top two. Actually you're tied for first. But I'm gonna look foolish if there's nuthin' to bloody read.

  7. Oh my god the caption on that picture made me laugh so hard, thanks for posting!

  8. I'm back but only after scoring 11 bars of B&G and feeling quite queasy - do hope the easter Egss is working it's wonders...


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