Ten Tales Told

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"An eclectic, eccentric collection of ten stories, each set in a different decade, spanning the last century. Rich in colour and character, the stories examine betrayal of and by women in all its subtle forms. From a Raj hostess in 1930s Calcutta to a management consultant visiting clients in Antwerp over the millennium, this elegantly-written anthology is both poignant and humorous. Rich in period detail, these tales feature a unique cast of characters who appear and reappear down the decades; amusing, appalling, frustrating and enchanting in equal measure. An adulterous artist who has misplaced his muse; two Brownies who steal flowers; a wartime encounter between a wife and a Lumber Jill; a bitter woman forgotten by her old classmate; a little girl who hears a secret hidden under a bed at a country house; a woman rescued from her domineering mother-in-law by the butcher's boy. The sharply-observed characters are in turn funny, brave, inventive, spiteful, resourceful and plain dreamy. A deft command of language, an ear for dialogue and frequently unexpected endings make this a delightful debut."  F. Wilson

A Stone in Water

(To be published late 2014)

A brutal coming of age novel, in which a young English girl is sent to a West Indian boarding school in the 1970s.