Making a list and checking it twice

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The bloody kitchen floor is under here somewhere...

Firstly, I hope very much that all of you had a peaceful and lovely Christmas and if not, that you had a decent supply of booze to get you through it. Chez nous, it has whizzed by in a blur of presents, visits, laughing and some ill-advised late-night singing on the karaoke machine that Santa left.

Well, forgive the long radio silence; I have been without internet and with enchanting people since I came back from the sun. I now am sitting in a strangely silent house nursing a dog who ate I cannot imagine what when I wasn't looking and is very ill and just wants to snuggle in front of the TV. That'll make two of us then.

My time in the sun was epic and when British Airways theatened to strike and strand me on the beach, I merely shrugged. However, they got us back, landing between airport closures and snow storms and giving me just enough time to race round the supermarket and speed-listen to carols to get me in the mood.

I have two wonderful men who join us for Christmas each year who were also stranded, in Morocco, and also made it over in the nick of time. One comes all the way from Melbourne, one from heaven. They cook like angels and wash up like plongeurs. They also teach the bots exotic swear words and make us play Sardines when it is way past bedtime.

So the bots and Edward are in London at the Panto and Freddie is going to a Chelsea match tomorrow. The angels have flown to go skiing in France. The Colonel gets back from his peace-keeping mission tomorrow. I have a fridge full of left-overs and probable renal failure. I have a camera full of videos of grown men grabbing microphones from small children and transmogrifying into Robert Palmer. The library door is firmly closed on a sea of wrapping paper and there is tinsel in my hair.

The dog and I are on water and boiled rice. We had  fantastic time.


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely marvelous holiday! Hope you have a speedy recuperation before New Year's Eve!

  2. You did everything right! of course, now, time for the quick-fix before the second round of excesses in a short week; there will be ample time to get over all of it later.

  3. Good to have you back. You were missed.

  4. Sounds like a groovy holiday in the tropics with very little culture shock back home...perhaps all of those corks helped. Drinking sake here with the world preparing for the new year's celebration - at least I think we have enough sake in the house.

  5. LLT - thank you! It will be a relatively quiet one I think..

    JADH - hello! Lovely to hear from you, hope that you have a very jolly noel and are in better shape than me for the next round!

    James - entirely mutual, mate!

    HTJ - hmm, all those corks plus the thought of your sake makes me a little green today. ope that you are all having a lovely time - is sake a tradition? Am intrigued! Am taking the dog for a fresh air cure...

  6. I'm going to have to give my liver at rest at some point. Maybe next week.

  7. My liver started to protest two nights ago. I think it was the Aquavit that did it. Northern Europeans CAN put it away. My constitution has been weakened by years in a Mediterranean climate. You are one of the funniest people I have ever encountered. BTW.


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