Why bots don't blog

Monday, 19 October 2009

"Are we in it? Why not? Is it just for grown-ups? That is sooo boring"

"I don't want to see it anyway. Can I just see one page then?"

"If I wrote a blog, it would be all about Match Attax. And Chelsea."

"If I wrote a blog, it would be about fashion and how to train a dog."

"Yeah, not boring old your stuff. Your interests"

" Yeah, books. And cheese. And French people and the fine arts."

"And 'How I wrecked Club Penguin by installing Net Nanny'."

"And 'How I had a million boyfriends.' Oh, oh and 'How I Went to a Top University through Hard Work'"

"Yeah, and 'How All the Other Mums Didn't'. And that's why you have an Important Job and can give us Nice Things."

"And 'How My Kids Always Eat Fruit.' Cos there's never anything else in the house."

"And how embarrassing it is when you try and be cool and say fo'shizzle and in the hizzoo. It's so lame. Bet that's not in your blog."

"Is there any effing and jeffing?"

"Bet nobody reads it anyway."


  1. Great post! Keep writing. You'll only get better...

  2. Whay, thenk you sir.
    I will pass along your comment to the Standards Committee

  3. Darling Bots, there is always effin and jeffin! That's why one day she'll be big in America and you can have bigger and better nice things!

  4. That would suit me fine too. Then I'll need to give up the effin and jeffin and turn into a reet lady.

    Like you really...


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