Evelyn's War

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just finished this lovely biography of Evelyn Waugh, which was gripping and moving, though perhaps non-Waugh bores might find it all a bit sycophantic. Hugely funny all the same, and I want to know who will replace those fabulously dotty old dipso aristos dotted drunkenly about SW7 seemingly immune to the fact it's no longer 1939 and that if you want to make a plan for drinks, you can just text.  Sadly I am just too young, but it's a worthy ambition. Perhaps I will start by only using my landline, gingerly held in the same hand as a Sobranie Cocktail, gin rattling happily in the other, and shriek into the receiver.
In the meantime, welcome along to debate and reflect on the great bits of life: reading, eating, drinking, lusting after - and occasionally buying - gorgeous clothes, attempting to raise children and nosing into other people's houses.
Tonight I have got some leftovers of heaven in the form of Nigella's chocolate pavlova in my fridge. Of course, it has splintered and bled, but at this point on a rainy October afternoon, who cares? Recipe from here.

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