Pass the Bucket (List)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

So, slumped in a Godiva-and-Baileys-induced coma at some point after Christmas, a DVD was about all we could handle. Only, which one? That toxin-leaking overstuffed feeling is not conducive to instant decision-making, especially when the decision-making process is accompanied by more booze and a Stilton so huge that we ate it with pickaxes.

Much squally bickering and an earnest analysis of Meg Ryan's recent trout pout (conclusion: cry for help. Get a grip, lady) later we decided on The Bucket List. I think it's a lovely film, but then I would watch Jack Nicholson pick his nose. A more cynical guest said: ''Salright. Two old geezers go on holiday then cark it.'

Afterwards, we lit candles, opened another bottle and attempted to make our own bucket lists (in case you live on Mars, this is a list of all the stuff you want/need to do before you die). The chaps had plenty, none of which I can repeat in such delicate company. But you know, I really struggled. I've done so many things and had so many experiences, that in fact what I crave is a few years of just plain old quiet. No drama, no noise, no distraction. Time to grow my roots and my bots. Time to reflect, write, plan. Actually see all the friends I only seem to connect with at Christmas and remember why we are friends to start with. And perhaps, if we've outgrown each other, dump them. Along with the huge amounts of stuff there seems to be cluttering up my days.

So no sky-diving or tattoos for me. What a relief. Just some quiet stock-taking and some mates. And no Stilton for several months. As Edward Cole says in the film, 'This was supposed to be fun. That's all it ever was.' I'll drink to that. For January, in water.

And because I am both a lazy and a nosy old tart, I want to know what's at the top of YOUR list.


  1. While I do want to travel and see much more of the world (the savannahs of Africa, for instance), I'd have to say one of my top bucket items is to someday own my dream house and be able to decorate it exactly as I want. Nothing earth shattering, just my home full of my kiddos and Hubby.

    Your comment about Meg Ryan gave me a good laugh. I was so diappointed when she caved in and had all that work done.

  2. I know - and really, for what? She was unique and lovely and now, well. Really!

    Totally with you on the dream house - is it a female thing d'you think?

  3. Check one off my list,become friends with nosy old tart.

  4. The daft thing is, I don't have a bucket list any more. I used to want visit India, buy a house in the Trough of Bowland and another in Vermont but now my ambitions seems to be limited to reducing my waistline and my cholestorol. I have discovered the infinite variety of the Manhattan cocktail, though.

  5. James, and I am so glad of it.

    Blue - ah, you just piqued my jaded appetite. Come February, the Manhattan cocktail variation might sneak onto my list.

    Where the hell is the Trough of Bowland??

  6. The Trough of Bowland is in Lancashire,my home county. Try a Manhattan with Talisker single malt - if the Colonel doesn't spear me for even suggesting treating single malt that way.

  7. When I had young children, my greatest desire was to run away to Portland, Oregon, and hide in a motel as the rain fell outside. Quiet. Now, children out of the house for the most part, rain still falling outside on the patio, I want only to travel with those I love. Nowhere in particular. Travel only for the emphasis the new gives to days as they pass. For life to feel as though it moves more slowly, I suppose. And perhaps to develop cynicism, so that I too could say, "Cark it."

  8. Blue - wow, gorgeous. And Vermont, well, perfect. Not sure the Colonel won't court-martial me for mixing anything with a Talisker, but will hide under the stairs and shake it.

    Actually, Lancs did remind me of one bucket thing, which was to learn the ukelele so that I could do some George Formby at parties. However, everyone I ever mentioned it to begged me not to; apparently his music is no longer popular. Well it is in THIS house.

    LPC, how utterly lovely, what a perfect answer. I think 'cark it' was a mixture of overexcitedness and indigestion. But no less effective because of that.

  9. Oh I still have the delusion of climbing Everest Sandy Hill Pitman style full of Sherpas and Hermes scarves...XXOO

  10. Gail, in northern California19 January 2010 at 23:40

    I'm 65 so the time to have done something like this has long since passed, nevertheless....there's a winding mountain road between our town and the next. At one time I drove a Datsun Z car and loved the way it handled. I dreamed of having that road blocked of all traffic, cars and deer, so that I could take it at top speed, braking only when necessary. All lanes, both sides of the road. Heaven. And, when I reached the bottom, be permitted to do the same, uphill, top speed, all lanes, both sides of the road. Double heaven.

    It would seem Meg Ryan joined the ranks of Melanie Griffith. And now Nicole Kidman has followed suit. I don't understand. It boggles the mind.

  11. Trout pout, I LOVE that term! It's really sad when people go messing with nature in such an obvious way...and she is so high profile, what was she thinking?
    My husband and I also watched The Bucket List, I shed a few tears...I am a sap when watching films like this one.
    I have not got too many things on my list because I have never taken the time to mull them over.
    I want to be a great "Grammy" to my future grandbaby due in early June and I'll think on the rest...I am pretty content here in my humble space.

  12. James Madison left home once after leaving the Presidency, and made a fool of himself when he did. I think I would never like to leave home.

  13. Summer - you know, I really think you'd do it. Cappuccino machine and all. Hope you feel better. x

    Gail - what a fantastic thing to wish. Adventure and style. Top marks!

    Perhaps we should start a virtual coffee morning analysing disatrous surgery. The Griffith Group, anyone?

    Hostess - that's lovely. Congratulations. I alsways think contentment is SO much more elusive than happiness.

    Toad - that's probably the best plan of all!

  14. Hey, there's nothing left to tick off MY list. I've already been to the North Norfolk coast – twice. I've sat next to someone at a party who said they'd once taken ecstasy. And I just bought my first National Trust-branded picnic hamper. Take me, God, I'm ready to go...

  15. Milady Waving - You move in some racy circles. AND you've got the hamper. You win.

  16. I find something new for the list every day. Can't make up my mind what should happen first!


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